Picube Pro MeiLong 5M 5x5(New Edition)

Picube Pro MeiLong 5M 5x5(New Edition)

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All Picube Pro cubes are carefully magnetized, set up and lubed by Picube. In order to ensure the precise position of the magnet and custom magnet strength, our professional cubers magnetize puzzles by hand. We are providing the best out-of-box cube with smooth and fast turning. Save your precious time and leave the setting up work to our professional cubers.

On 2018-11-24, Yusheng Du set the new 3x3x3 world record 3.47s with Picube Pro Moyu Weilong GTS2M.


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  • What strength and size are the magnets?

    Inner layer: N48 3x1.5 and N35 3x1.5
    Outer layer: N35 3x1.5 and N35 3x1.5

  • Does this cube use the new 60mm version or the 62mm version?

    60mm version