PiLube Blue 10cc

PiLube Blue 10cc

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PiLube Blue is a silicon-based cube lubricant designed by Picube Shop in China. It can quickly drop the smoothness of your cubes, creating a resistant feel in order to make your cubes more stable. It can be applied on any puzzles, even on the hardware. The higher the density, the greater the resistance (Density varies from 3k to 10k).

Type: Silicone base

Smoothness: 3/5 (3K)

Smoothness: 2/5 (5K)

Smoothness: 1/5 (10K)

Duration: 5/5


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  • Why dont you make a video on the differences between them and what does blue do and what does yellow do

    We will do that

  • I want a smooth and controll able lube but it should not be exams gummy which one should I take

    PiLube Black

  • hello Does pi-lube comes in syringe or bottle? and what is different from pi-lube red and yellow? Thank you.

    Bottle. PiLube yellow is more stable than PiLube red.