PiLube Blue 10cc (Please see description)

PiLube Blue 10cc (Please see description)

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Please order lubricants and puzzles separately!!!

Because lubricants are liquids, ordinary logistics are not available. 

Type: Silicone base

Smoothness: 3/5 (3K)

Smoothness: 2/5 (5K)

Smoothness: 1/5 (10K)

Smoothness: 0.5/5 (30K)

Duration: 5/5


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  • Why dont you make a video on the differences between them and what does blue do and what does yellow do

    We will do that

  • I want a smooth and controll able lube but it should not be exams gummy which one should I take

    PiLube Black

  • hello Does pi-lube comes in syringe or bottle? and what is different from pi-lube red and yellow? Thank you.

    Bottle. PiLube yellow is more stable than PiLube red.